A volunteer project to demonstrate how I approach software engineering

More recently I have found myself looking for a new position for a software engineering company in DE, Germany. This has brought about a number of new and interesting challenges; most particularly for this article the need to demonstrate my capacity as a professional software engineer.

The challenge when applying…

Hardly a revelatory notion and yet while I was sitting drinking my Sunday morning coffee the idea seemed to drive a needle directly toward the heart of organisational dysfunction, illustrating a set of nebulous and seemingly disconnected problems behind a singular easy to grasp notion.

One that I am unclear…

Our world is hopelessly, hilariously complex. Both Thomas Thwaites in his quest to build a toaster[1] and AJ Jacobs in his quest to thank all the people responsible for his morning coffee[2] illustrate this complexity; it is essentially impossible to reason about how the world works together to produce the…

Photo by Shot by Cerqueira on Unsplash (Modiifed)

There are a series of allegories that encapsulate the murkier, more confusing part about producing software — the human part:

Photo by vision webagency on Unsplash (Edited)

How littleman.co organises projects as well as why we do it in that way

Version control is one of the more fundamental pieces of software development. It allows developers to navigate through a projects history to understand who implemented each change, as well as why they did so. It is an invaluable tool for use while understanding any given issue.

littleman.co uses git as…

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