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The importance in getting the API correct and the initial design of the API.

The Contract

  1. As a rendered user interface to be consumed by a browser
  2. As an interface through which clients can make specific remote procedure calls (RPCs) and receive structured information but no user interface

To render or not to render

A volunteer project to demonstrate how I approach software engineering

The many and varied organisational dysfunctions

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Extending a “locking” primitive to allow updates on given primitives in ${N} directions

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  1. Version Control: Scripts embedded in the git repository, executed as a result of git events
  2. GUI: Scripts written and uploaded to a server, executed on arbitrary events (time, git hooks)
  3. None: Scripts sitting on a bastion server, executed as required

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How organises projects as well as why we do it in that way

  • patches
  • branches
  • tags

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Understanding what (e)BPF is and what its used for

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A story about the process of becoming an “expert”

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