An actual photo of me staring at this stupid build. Apparently I was swearing more than usual, and a colleague captured it.

The curious case of sudden Ansible build failures

So, I arrived a little earlier to work today to get some work done. First step: Set up a machine for QA. Luckily, we’ve done lots of work to make this a trivial exercise, it’s a push button operation! Except:

Boom. Failure. Now, the change I’d made to deploy this testing machine was beyond innocuous, and should definitely not result in the failure that I saw.

Several annoyed and confused minutes later, I discover this cherry:

What. Suddenly configuration was being ignored?

Balls. Backing up a step, we keep our build container suuuuper up to date. It looks like Ansible released a new version this morning. Buried in that was this lovely PR:

No more configuration for world writable directories. Now, this makes quite some sense; what doesn’t make sense is why the directory would be world writable for BitBucket Pipelines?! But whatever. A quick and dirty:

in the build script, and we’re in our way.

Back to the rest of Friday morning, then.